Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Treats for my Sweets!

    Happy Friday, Everyone!!  I can't believe another month has come to a close and a step closer to Christmas. I'm so not ready for.  Time sure flies these days.  Anyway, I wanted to share my treats for my sweets this year.  At my Kids school, they dress up in their costume and parade around at their school.  I love it because you get more for your buck and every year I pass out treats for all their classmates.  Next year, I do plan on making my packaging instead of buying them at Target.  However, I did make my tags for the treats.  Then tied them with Halloween ribbon and viola... Halloween Treats... Take a peek...

This year is very simple.  I used my Ek Success punch (first time using) out orange cardstock.  Stamped with Studio G Halloween stamps (which fits perfectly on this tag).  Inked the edges with my Colobox Blk ink.  Filled the bags with candy - Done!!  Very Simple.  My daugther loves to write her name on the back of the tags.  My son will do it next year (I hope)... LOL..

I hope you all like it.  I will be sharing some flowers I'm making for a swap real soon.  Come back and take a peek. 

Have a Great Weekend!  Take Care...

Hugs, Friday


Regina Friedman said...

Adorable bags Friday! How fun! They do not allow the students to dress up at Gianna's school. Strictly uniforms. I'm so excited because Gill and I are both volunteering on Halloween to carve pumpkins and such. She's so excited!

We are going to a Zombie walk b the beach tomorrow. I'm terrified! Yikes!

Have a great weekend ~ Regina

Yvette said...

Cute and Great goody bags! Kids love that :-) Have a great weekend.

Nancy said...

How ever did I miss this post? So unusual, right? lol These are so fun...quick and easy but with a great handmade touch!
BTW...your blog looks great! :o)


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