Saturday, January 11, 2014

First card of the Year!

Hi my friends, 
Today is a rainy and overcast kind of day here in Virgnia.  At least it's not 7 degrees outside like Tuesday Weather was... brrr.  
So, it was the perfect day to work on some invites for my daughter's 9th birthday party.  It's in two weeks so I had to get moving on these. 

WHAT, 9th Birthday Party!!
I can't believe that my first born will be 9 years old.  Craziness. 
So, this year she wanted to do a spa party.  The only thing that I could find around here was a pedicure party for her and her friends.  It could of been a manicure but she goes to a private school that does not allow nail polish on their nails.  Plus, most of her friends go to a private school too.  It's a pedicure party!

Here is her invite:

It's a simple and sparkly!
I found pink and black glitter paper (Pink from Michaels and Black from Target).  I found a polish die from on-line.  It was a Ellison thin-lit die.  I can't remember where I bought it (probably on eBay).  It also has a lipstick shape too but I didn't need that for the invite.  I cut the polish with my Bigshot (my trusty friend).  Add a polka dot ribbon at the top and done!...  The polish took the most time to make.  

Thanks, everyone for stopping by today.  
I will back soon with a valentines project with some gorgeous crochet embellies!

Have a great Saturday!!

Tereese (Friday)

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DaileyScrapper said...

That is super cute. Wow time flies right. LOL I hope she has a great time.


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