Monday, September 17, 2012

Sympathy Card for a Friend

Hi All, 
Today I'm sharing a card I made Yesterday for a friend who had lost two special god gifts in
their lives. It breaks my heart just typing this out today.  She has become a really good friend.  
I hope this card will give her some kind of comfort.  They are in my thoughts and prayers
as they go through this difficult time in their lines. 

Here is the card I made them:
God Bless!
Well, I can't say anymore without tearing up.  I'm so thankful for you all stopping in today and taking a

I hope you all had a great weekend and a great week coming up.

Thanks again and Hugs,

** Friday **


NickelNook said...

I'm so sorry, Sweetie! Cards like this are so very difficult to make but you've done a really beautiful job! I know your kindness and thoughtfulness will be very much appreciated! My prayers are with your friend...and with you as you offer her comfort. Hugs to you! :o)

Friday said...

Thanks Nancy. I wanted to make her a card from my heart instead of buying a card from the store. I'm sure will like it. We (other mothers) will be chipping in on providing food for them on certain days to help out. I hate doing these kinds of cards but I think it will help. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs!!


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