Friday, September 21, 2012

Frog Door Hanger

Hi Everyone,
This week has been extremely busy for me and my family.
We are doing so many things at one time it's Crazy!!  Today, I wanted to share a craft
project that my son and his friends will be making at his Birthday Party this Sunday. 
I know you have seen the Angry Bird Invites that I already posted but the party will be at 
a Nature Center that will be talking about and viewing Frogs.
So, his birthday this year is a combination of Angry Birds and Frogs. 
This center has a party room (which I'm so glad about) to host about 30 people.  

I bought a door hanger on-line for the kids to put together since there will be time to spare
after the demonstration.

Frog Door Hanger
I bought these kits from Oriental Trading Company and I hand to make one to see
how it's put together.  It has sticky back to peel off which is Super for me!!
I don't have to bring glue among other things we have to bring to the party.
Plus, I think the kids will like it. 

I also bought an Angry Birds (Pin the tail on the Birdie) game for them too. 
Which reminds me I have to get some prizes for them.  It never ends.

So it will be lots of fun and I can't wait for it to be over. LOL!! 

Thanks for stopping by today and taking a peek.


♥** Friday **♥


Nancy said...

That frog is adorable, Friday! How great that they have a room for you to use! I know those parties are tons of work and they're always a relief when they're over...but you're creating wonderful memories for your kids! They'll be talking about it for years to come and always enjoy looking back at all the great photos! Tomorrow my daughter turns 25! YIKES!! That happened SUPER FAST!! I can't be there but her friends have an incredible day of celebration planned...most of them are still secret! ssshhhh!! lol Have lots of fun and cherish these moments while you have them! :o)

Tfriday said...

Thanks so much Nancy. My little guy is turning 5 and it sure goes by super fast. I really don't mind doing these parties but like you said it's alot of work and it's over in 2 hours. lol... Thanks for always stopping by and leave awesome comments. You are the best. Hugs!

DaileyScrapper said...

What an adorable frogie! Happy Birthday to your little guy. Have fun at the party!


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