Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Morning Goodies

Hey guys, check this out.  I went to my local Tuesday Morning today and this is what I found.  I couldn't believe it.

12x12 Grunge Paper for $2.99 pack of 3
Small Binder for $1.99 ea.
12x12 Corrugated Cardboard from Zutter for $1.99
7x7 Corrugated Cardboard from Zutter for $1.99

I snatched these beauties as soon I could.  Hurry to your Tuesday Morning today... :)
I had to share this so everyone can get this great deal.

Have a great Tuesday and week.

Hugs, Friday


Nancy said...

WOOHOO for you!! So fun you went to Tuesday Morning on a Tuesday morning and got such FABULOUS deals! YAY! Where do you go on Wednesday morning? lol :o)

Yvette DaileyScrapper said...

OMG I have a Tuesday morning near my job and I still have never been in it. Shame on me!!!!!!!

Tfriday said...

You are killing me, Nancy. Too Funny but oh so true!! Hugs.

Oh boy, Yvette. You should hurry and go!! LOL... Hugs!!


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