Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm crocheting again!:)

Hi and Happy Saturday my friends, 
I'm here today to share something I have been working on.  Yesterday, I visited  I chatted with some ladies on there and Maggie L showed me her ATCs she created for a swap there. 
Well, she crochet a creation that I had to try.  
Thanks Maggie! 

Here is what I started with:

I'm not an expert in crocheting more of an amateur really.  I self taught myself to crochet by watching YouTube videos.  These flowers will turn into something. 
Can you guess what that is?

I saw a video by Tina (DreamBigLover).  Here is her Link if you want to try this out.  It's really easy to make.  As you can see, I couldn't stop making them.  Now I have ran out of thread so I need to get more. 

I will show you the finished creation later. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  

Have a Great Saturday!! 



Nancy said...

So pretty, Friday! I can't wait to see your finished project! Yes...crocheting is very relaxing! :o)

DaileyScrapper said...

Oh Friday I have to go there. I did the last ones you made too.
Thanks for sharing this. They are beautiful.


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