Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MSR Swap gifts I've made

Hi Everyone, 
Today I wanted to share something quick that I made for the ladies in my Swap over at MSR.  
I try to make some thing for everyone including the hostess as a thank you.  
I found these mittens at my Michaels (No, I didn't make them. I wish I did).

So, check it out:

I then made some stickpins to go with.  The mittens are stuffed ornaments but to me they look like pin cushions. So, made a pin for each of the ladies in my group.  I thought this was so cute and I had to add to my package to Sonya (Hostess).  

I hope you all like them.
Thanks so much for stopping by today. 

Have a good Tuesday!  


♥♥ Friday ♥♥


Nancy said...

Oh, my!! They are so sweet! You bought them like that...all stuffed and everything? Too cute!
Your pins are beautiful! It's a lovely gift, Friday! It's so good to see you posting more often! :o)

~* steph :) *~ said...

super cute, friday :)! hope all is well! love ya, steph :)

DaileyScrapper said...

How cute!! They do look like pin cushi0ns. I bet they are going to love it.
Happy Holidays


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