Monday, May 2, 2011

An Altered Hat

Hi Everyone,  I hope everyone had a Fabulous Weekend.  As for myself it was pretty Fab. hehe!!  I wanted to share something that I helped do this weekend.  My friend's daughter is going to a party soon and had asked me to help them by altering a Hat (just like those hats at the Kentucky Derby).  I said "Absolutely".  I had never done one but I was diffenitely eager to try it out.  So, I went over to her daughter's house this Saturday and this is what we came up with.  I hope you guys like... Enjoy...

The hat came with the big flower already on it so we just embellished it with feathers,these pearl beaded trigs and an adorable bird.  She may even add a little nest for the bird. I think it turned out Fantastic.  She will be in a Hat Contest at this party.  I hope she takes first prize!!   

Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking a peak.  I will be posting a Mother's Day Card so come back soon. 

Hugs,  Friday

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