Monday, November 1, 2010

Carved Pumpkins

     Hi Everyone, I know that Halloween is now over but I could not help to share some pictures of our Jack-O-Lantern this year.  My kids helped by digging and scooping out all the yummy seeds and yucky goo out of the pumpkin.  They had a blast.  Then they picked out a design.  Well, each child wanted something different so we decide to put both designs on one Pumpkin.  Check it out.

My Son wanted a spooky Spider.

My Daughter wanted a sneeky Cat.

     I placed the design on the pumpkin and poked the holes to outline the design.  Then my hubby did the amazing carving.  Didn't he do an Awesome Job!!  I think so. 

     I hope you all had a Wonderful and Safe HaLlOwEeN!! 

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Take Care!!

Hugs, Friday


Marie said...

Whoo! Awesome pumpkins! I'm glad you guys had an amazing Halloween. Hugs, Marie.

Jo said...

really cool pumpkins!

Regina Friedman said...

I love your carved Pumpkins Friday! I so enjoyed the entire month of October! I'm sure you did too!

Have a great week!



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