Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Bday Card

Hello Everyone, 
I'm here to share a card that I made for my Son's friend birthday today.
Mind you, I haven't found my Mojo yet.  It has deserted me since August and I can't seem
to find it ever since.  So, this card is just a real simple boy card with paper
I had for ages.  I don't know the company name but I did buy this paper at my local Michaels 
eons ago.  hehe!!

Here is my picture:
Birthday Card
It's really cute paper with car, trucks and airplanes. It also had basketballs and other sport balls all over it.
This paper was meant for my son's scrapbook(which I haven't even started on).  
I have extra paper of this design so I can still do a layout for my son... one day. LOL...

Anyway, thanks for stopping by today. 

I hope to find my mojo soon.  I have thanksgiving cards to make soon.  

Have a Great Weekend and Holiday coming. 


♥* Friday *♥


~* steph :) *~ said...

oh i love your card, friday! glad to see you have time to craft! have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

NickelNook said...

The perfect card for a young boy's birthday, Friday! I really don't think your mojo is gone! It always seems to show up as soon as you need it for one of your great cards! :o)


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