Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stamps Anonymous!!

Hi, My name is Friday and I'm a Stamp addict!  LOL!!  Ok, I'm in desperate need of some help with my stamps.  The below picture is some of the stamps I have and want to organize.  It's simply madness that I have all these stamps that I don't hardly use.  I'm asking you all for all your solutions, suggestions, and ideas on how to store them inexpensively?  HELP!!!

I want to use them more so I need a system that will be easy to use and store.  Here is a picture of my stamps.

As you can see, I have an assortment of stamps whether they are clear or unmounted.  I have searched high and low for a solution that will work but first I thought I would ask my scrappy sistas out there first on how they store their own stamps and maybe I can resolve this mess.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  Please leave me a message on your stamp storage solutions...

Thanks a Ton, Friday


Unknown said...

Hey T! I store my acrylic stamps in a clear box. My mini acrylic stamps I actually store in a binder and they fit nicely in the baseball card holders. My unmounted stamps are also in a clear box or my TH stamp book.

My favorite stamps I store in my vintage coca~cola crate that is hanging on my wall.

Katelyn Clary said...

Holy Stamps Friday!! Well I do not have as many stamps as you, but maybe you could hang some string on one wall and pin some too it, maybe change them out every so often? I would do that if I could, but if they start to collect dust you may wanna rethink it LOL. Good luck Friday!


Uniquely Ella said...

Hi Friday, I so understand what you mean. I'm sorry I'm not much help. I have the same problem. I can't seam to find a system for my clear stamp. We need to keep on searching.

Nancy said...

I have a few ways I store my stams. On my blog I have an label for "Organization" and it shows my turning pegboard stand. That's where I store my latest clear stamp packages. I store my single wood stamps in a big fishing tackle box that I bought at Walmart. That works really well because you open it up and the trays lift out and display all the stamps. Then I have a binder for my smaller sets of clear stamps. Now that I've started a Stampin' Up collection...sigh...I've started filling a drawer! lol Perhaps I'll have to post some more pictures one of these days too! :o)


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