Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hobby Lobby Visit!

     Hello Everyone!  Ok, Im now rested from my long trip to Hobby lobby and I wanted to share what I had gotten.  Nothing too exciting just a pack of papers and some sprigs.  We didnt the fabulous 50% off paper sale the week before or I would of done a video on it.  I have always loved the Lost & Found collection and I got it.  It was a 180 paper pack.  It looks like a combo of the collection.  Im so glad I bought it.  It's not the glitter paper but I love it anyway.  I used my 40% off coupon on it.  So, not bad price.  They didn't have alot of sales that was worth buying to me.  It was tempting...  I just looked up another location and there is another one near me in Maryland.  I may have to check it out now that I'm hooked. lol...  here is a picture of the pack and sprigs. 

     Believe me this will not be the last time I'll go to Hobby Lobby.  We will be planning another trip but next time will be an all day affair so we can have more time for shopping.  I can not wait!  So, if you ever get a chance to go to Hobby Lobby its always worth the trip. 

      Thanks for stopping by and checking it out.  Have a Great Sunday!!!

Hugs, Friday


Yvette said...

Great deal! I didn't realize there was 180 pages. Totally awesome. Can't wait for our next trip. BTW your kids are great. Tell her I said hi :-)

Tfriday said...

They had a blast too. I will. Thanks for a great time.

Divine said...

I never had that lost and found (MME) stuff. I'm gonna have to check out my LSS and see what they look, hehe.

Nancy said...

WOW!! That paperpad looks fantastic! I love anything by My Mind's Eye...and 180 sheets of goodness! YAY for you! The sprigs are really pretty too! Thanks for sharing what you got! :o)

ScrapBliss ~ Yvonne M. said...

We are definitely willing to drive to MD for Hobby Lobby!!! xoxo Yvonne!


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