Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

      Hi everyone, as I promised here is my Thanksgiving Card I made for family and friends this year.  I love making cards for them.  It's like a tradition I like to do now.  Everyone seems to expect a handmade card from me and I enjoy it.    I hope you all like it too.

      So, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  I'm so grateful and thankful for my family and friends.  And I'm also thankful for all the friendships I have made through this crafting experience and I hope it never ends. 

     Thanks everyone who have commented on my blog and also those that follow me on this amazing journey.  I hope I can continue to love this hobby for many years to come.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a minute of your day.

Hugs, Friday


**CrEaTiNgWiThAlOhA** said...

i am grateful for you.....mahalo.....

Regina Friedman said...

Adorable card Friday! You are so sweet! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you and your family too.



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