Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pink Goodness!

YAY!!!  I finally got my hands on one of these beauties.  Well, I already had one but it's RED not PINK.  LOL.  Plus I used my 50% coupon at Michaels this morning.  I couldn't believe that finally got them in stock.  I have been searching high and low for this and I finally got one.  This one was cheaper than my red one.  I had bought that one from framingsupplies.com.  So, I will be selling my red ATG to my good friend, Lisa (at a good price of course).  I'm just so happy and excited.  I know it's crazy to want a pink one. I couldn't help it.  Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking a peak.  Hugs, Friday

1 comment:

Regina Friedman said...

No...it's not crazy to have wanted the pink ATG gun Friday. I ran and bought mine at Michael's too and I love it. It's so much prettier than the red one and matches all my other pink tools...lol. The price is just unbelievable with the coupon. I'm going to save my red one for Miss Gianna to use when she's a little bit older. Enjoy yours!



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