Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sorry eveyone that I have been MIA for a week.  I was on Vacation in Southern California visiting family.  It sure was HOT HOT HOT.  It was in the 100's near Palms Springs.  CRAZY!!!!  We went to LEGOLand with the kids and they loved it.  I even went on a ride and I usually don't. LOL...  I just love being with my family cause I don't get to see them on a day-2-day basis so I treasure every moment.

Then, I had the pleasure of meeting Gina aka Scrappinology.  I have been chatting with Gina on her Ning site for several months now and I had mentioned that I was going on vacation and she said we should meet up.  We exchanged numbers and made a date.   LOL!!  You are just as Awesome in person, Gina, as you are in your videos.  We had a blast shopping at Michaels, Big lots, and the 99 cent store.  The Michaels near her moms I thought was the best I have ever seen.  The scrapbook section was huge.  It took up the whole center of the store.  Can you imagine that?  My parents took me to meet Gina so she got to meet my parents as well.  My hubby and the kids took the van we rented to a kids museum in Palms Spring that day.  I can't wait for the next trip to Cali.  Gina and I have already decided that we will meet up again and shop at a LSS next time.  Thank you so much, Gina for my Awesome goodies you gave me.  I feel so terrible I didn't have enough time to make you something in return.  You are so SWEET!!

So, everyone, I'm back at home safe and sound and I can't wait to start creating again.  Thanks for stopping by.... Hugs, Friday

Here is a picture of the Awesome goodies, Gina gave me:
Gina gave me this awesome Eiffel Tower that she altered. :::::SO BEAUTIFUL:::::::  She also gave me a Martha Stewart 18x24in folding cutting mat, white tulle, and MS Alphabet clear stamps.  She is so generous.  Thanks Again, Gina.  HUGS!!!

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Marie said...

Wow! You sound like you had a great vacation :) What a gorgeous eiffel tower!


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