Friday, June 5, 2015

Graduation Cards 2015

What, 2 post in one week !!

Hi Everyone,
I'm back with two more cards to share.  Yeap, I know right.  It's crazy.  I get like this when I'm stress and I need to get things done in short amount of time.  I know I'm such a procrastinator.  But really, I haven't been motivated to make anything in a long time.  Everyone is so good that I get intimidated and I just freeze with creativity.  I know I'm crazy.  Anyway, here are two cards I made for my hubby's niece's that have graduated this year.  One from college and one from High School.

So here they are:

What do you all think?  Simple I know...  These were Pinterest inspired.

I'm trying not to buy stuff.  I have stuff to use.  It's so hard.  :(

Thanks everyone for stopping by today and checking out my post.  Have a great Friday and weekend.  Maybe I will be back next week with more cards and stuff.  hehe!!

Tereese S.


Claudia Rogier said...

Hi Very nice card.


DaileyScrapper said...

Great cards!!! I love the simplicity of them. Just perfect.

Pop's Cards said...

I love them both the embossing in the background makes them stand out, hugs Pops x


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