Friday, February 24, 2012

Stamps I got today.

Hey Everyone,
I wanted to share the free stamps I got from Viva Las Vegas Stamps blog today.  Kerry from duffer9904 on Youtube showed a video mentioning that Viva Las Vegas Stamps would send you some stamps if you posted their blinkie on your blog.  I couldn't help myself and I did it.  So, I followed their directions to get a free gift on their blog and viola. 

Here is what they graciously gave me:
Thank you so very much, Viva Las Vegas Stamps. 

I can't wait to make my first on-line purchase with you all.  There are a variety of stamps but my favorite (I hate to admit) is the Stamp Slut one.  LOL...  I love stamps and I got this disease from Gina at Scrappinology and I can't stop buying.  I need some serious help. hehe!! 

Anyway, If you are like me and LOVE stamps put their Blinkie on your blog and see what you will get in return.  You never know...

Thanks again, Viva Las Vegas Stamps for all the wonderful stamps.  I love them all.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today.  I still working on my swap and I hope to share it with you all real soon.

Have a Wonderful TGIF and Weekend.

Hugs, Friday


Nancy said...

Well, YAY for you, Friday! How fun is that? Now...which one did you say is your favorite? I'm not sure I read that right! lol You should have put a big circle around it because it's a little bit tough to see which one that is! ;o)
I can't wait to see your finished projecat...and some projects with these stamps! Have a great weekend! :o)

DaileyScrapper said...

Cool deal! Can't wait to see what you create with them. Especially your favorite one. LOL
Have a good weekend.

Marcy said...

Very Cool! I'll have to check
out their stamps!!:) looking forward to seeing what you make with them!:) hugs, Marcy


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